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We exist to help independent businesses find big brands willing to support them, and to help those big brands extend their voice to help their local communities immediately and directly.


We’re all LOCALS.

Local businesses are critically affected by the impact of COVID-19. By encouraging Toronto to eat #LikeALocal, shop #LikeALocal, and support their community #LikeALocal, we can all help.

Because that’s what


For Big Brands

  1. Simply search #LikeALocal on Instagram (or any social listening platform)
  2. Find a small business that needs a little boost
  3. Repost their post and explain why you have done it, using #LikeALocal
  4. Feel like you did your brand and the local economy good!
  5. Consider donating more media than just social. For this we suggest contacting local businesses directly.

For small, local businesses

  1. Create your Instagram post as you normally would
  2. Use the #LikeaLocal hashtag to indicate that you would love a little exposure from a Big Brand
  3. You’re done!

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